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Boys Travel Teams

Boys Travel League

Please mail all payments for league fees, baseballs and insurance to SSBL PO Box 35755 Canton, Ohio 44735.

Girls Fastpitch Teams

Girls Fastpitch League

Boys Sandlot Teams

Boys Sandlot League

Entering Pitch Counts

After the game is scored return to your game schedule and click on "Final", then click on the "comments" tab on the next page.  Then click on "add a comment" . Post Pitch counts. 


IMPORTANT - you can do this without logging in or by clicking back to "user mode" if you are in "edit mode" you will not see the "add a comment" button.


NEW POLICY - Each team will enter their own pitch count.  The winning team still enters the score.

Sandlot Tournament Registration 2017

The Sandlot Tournament is tentatively scheduled to begin as early as Sunday June 25th. Games will be scheduled every day until completion. There will be no games scheduled on July 4th. Please click on link below to register for the tournament. Locations are being planned for Waterloo Moyer Fields, Rootstown Gracie Fields and Edinburg Park. Deadline to register is June 12th. Please mail in the $25 tournament fee by June 12 as well.  SSBL, PO Box 35755, Canton, Ohio 44735.

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Ohio Nations Baseball

* Go to this website for inputting your Official Nations Baseball Roster for all Nations sanctioned Tournaments. * Go to this website to view Nations sanctioned tournaments in Ohio and to register for the Ohio State Tournament.

Stark Summit Baseball League

Phone: 330-499-3508